Fishing report 26th August

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Foremark weekly report week ending 26th August 2018

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 Update 28/08/2018 Daily rod average increased to 5.9 report & pictures on   

The weather continues during this week to be compatible to the fly fisher person being basically overcast with some sunny periods and with some rain. The water temperature has held at a maximum of 18 degrees centigrade this week and has slightly declined towards the end of the week to 17 degrees centigrade. Despite some rain and the continued pumping in of water from the Dove the water level of the reservoir continues to fall. The temporary bridge to the pontoon is being extended to cope with the falling water and anglers are reminded to take care when using the bridge since there are some steps incorporated. The cascade is still running albeit it is flowing into shallow water, and when flowing with “clean” water rather than discoloured does produce fish. There are still strong undercurrents in the vicinity of the tower, which is where the significant amount of water is extracted to cope with the demand. Severn Trent indicated that when the filters of the extraction point were cleaned there were large amounts of shrimp and small perch in the filters. The undercurrents, in combination with the nearby aerators, and surrounding area continues to be an attractive area for fish.

The hot spots for fishing as confirmed by the use of the fish finder is still holding good. Number 1 buoy to number 2 buoy up to the tower and towards number 3 buoy is still producing catches. However, the fishing is not easy and the best technique so far indicated is a small booby or cruncher through the surface ripple and creating a wake. Other boobies, flash damsels, blobs, crunchers and soldier palmer have also been effective.

On Monday Scott Wilson caught 8 using a floating line and crunchers. Mick Reid on Tuesday caught 3 fish on a red flash damsel, whilst Messrs Rudge and Price had 2 fish apiece on minky boobies and a floating blob. On Thursday Owen Rivett caught 2 fish. On Friday Paul Walker caught 3 fish on a soldier palmer whilst Scotty Wilson had 4 fish on a blue flash damsel using a midge tip line.

Weekly Draw: A free to enter weekly draw is held for all anglers, with the winner receiving a voucher for a free boat. This week’s winner is Mr Sam Fielder of Markfield.

Tuition Days: The tuition website has been updated with a new blog page /reports section and the first post is just an introduction to the page and what it will offer in the future. The concept is that write ups of guiding trips, tackle reviews and advice, and tips on different fishing methods will be included and it will be updated on two-week intervals. Tuition days can be booked with our Guiding & Tuition Manager, Tom Bird at Draycote on 01788 812018 or made via our website at



Weekly Stats: Number Rods: 40   Trout Taken: 11   Trout Released: 25 Total Catch: 36                   Weekly Rod Average: 0.9


Update 28/08/2018 Daily rod average increased to 5.9 report & pictures on   


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