Weekly fishing report 24th June

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Foremark weekly report week ending 24th June 2018

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The weather this week has been basically sunny with gentle winds and the temperature has gradually risen to be extremely hot at the weekend. The water temperature has slowly increased to 18 degrees centigrade. An injection of 1100 plus fish happened on Thursday which was good since at his time the water temperature was marginally under 17 degrees and all the fish were successfully stocked and swam away vigorously. The pin fry is still in abundance and are visible in all areas of the reservoir. There have been several sightings of the trout if not perch apparently corralling the fry and the trout creating major water disturbances and jumping whilst gorging themselves on the fry. The area around the top dam wall on Friday was also reported to be covered with a carpet of green spiders. Flocks of Terns are being observed feeding on flies on the wing over Flamingo bay and outside the Lodge. The water level of the reservoir has slowed since the filters have been manually cleaned as a stop gap exercise until the filter cleaning mechanism on the pumping station on the Dove can be effectively repaired. The aerators around the tower have been fully operational.

On Monday Paul Walker caught 4 which was the best bag from the bank on klink hammers. Mr C Beard caught 9 from a boat on Tuesday on a small sparkly booby on an intermediate line from the top dam wall. On Friday Scotty Wilson caught 15 on a Di 7 line again on a sparkly booby on the top dam wall particularly near the valve tower. This was the best catch of fish for the week. Mr A Topping on the same day caught only 2 fish but had numerous tugs and pulls but failed to connect with the fish. Mr R Saccone had 3 fish from a boat as did Tony Kirk who caught on a viva amber hopper. On Sunday, the hottest day of the week, a significant amount of fish was showing all over the reservoir and the collective opinion was that it was hard to induce any fish to take the fly.

Weekly Draw: A free weekly draw for all anglers is held, the winner being given a free boat voucher. Do not forget to sign up for this offer when in the Lodge. This week’s winner is Mr Connor Beard of Milford.

Tuition Days: Tuition days can be made via our website at www.flyfishtuition.co.uk/prices or through our Guiding & Tuition Manager, Tom Bird at Draycote on 01788 812018.

New for the 2018 season Fishery Management (UK) Ltd are pleased to offer boat tuition days. These days are run to a similar format as the popular bank tuition days, with the difference being that the fishing is taught from a boat. In this section instructors will show participants the correct way to start & drive the boat, anchoring, drifting and boat etiquette.

Thinking of booking a match? We offer discounted rates for group boat bookings and competition permit prices call the lodge for more details: 01283 703202.

We are now offering fly only pike fishing. All pike fishing must be PRE- BOOKED, you must also have a suitable unhooking mat, the correct size landing net, long Forceps, all fly’s must be attached to a wire trace. All fly’s to be 4 inches or longer in length. All pike to be returned.

Don’t forget to pick up your loyalty card from the lodge, once you have purchased 10 of the same permit, your next visit of that permit option is FREE valid at all three fisheries, Thornton-Foremark-Draycote-Eyebrook

Weekly Stats:   Number Rods:   67   Trout Taken: 34       Number Trout Released:   37

Total Catch:   71     Weekly Rod Average:   1.1


For site security reasons, and in order to maintain the accuracy of our records, could all anglers please ensure that they fill in the catch return sheet before departure.  If not in the lodge it will be found on the shelf in the entrance porch.

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