Foremark weekly report week ending 22nd April

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Foremark weekly report week ending 22nd April 2018

Telephone Number: 01283 703202

This week has proven to be a roller coaster ride of weather conditions which has been reflected by the water temperature. The water temperature at the beginning of the week was 9 degrees centigrade fell to 8 degrees and then at the end of the week was 12 degrees centigrade.   The warm bright days did not seriously impact the fishing since the average fish per day per rod was in the region of 5 all week. The warmer days produced some good buzzer hatches, but significant evening rises were not evident.

A further 640 fish were stocked on Wednesday and from the reports the lodge pontoon demonstrated good fish returns which indicates that some of the newly stocked fish have not sought refuge in Flamingo bay. The boat returns are on the upturn whilst the bank fishing continues to yield good results. By using a fish finder, the fish have now found their way to Bramble Bay and down towards the wires. There are good indications of fish in front of the gorse bushes and up to the Cascade. However please check the condition of the water being pumped viz whether it is clean or dirty water. To be a potential hotspot the Cascade needs to be pumping clean water. The fish finder generally indicated that the fish were in the deeper water near the bank but at 2/3 meters down. On Wednesday a cuckoo was heard for the first time this year.

On Monday Mr D Hudson caught 10 fish from a boat whilst Mr K Stringer also caught 10 on a cat whisker and buzzers. On the Tuesday a Mr R Gent caught 14 on basically FAB’S. Two boats each found fish in Heron Bay just above the cascade. The anglers in these boats, A Messer’s G Davies, A Preece, and Dominic and Denis de Souza caught an average of 7 fish between them. They caught on buzzers and damsels either straight lined or by a washing line. In a morning session Mr B White caught 11 in Flamingo Bay on a green fritz lure on an intermediate line. The best fish was a rainbow of approximately 5 pounds. Mr Chilton of DCAC caught 12 in Flamingo Bay on buzzers. On Saturday a Mr R Miller caught a 4lb 12 ounce rainbow off of Verdons Point on a buzzer. Fishing from a boat on the drift from the sailing club bay across the front of the lodge passed buoy 1 a Mr P Calvert caught 15 fish, on buzzers fished on a washing line. Mr Tony Kirk caught 16 fish from the bank from Verdons Point down to the power lines on size 16 black buzzers. Mrs R Kirk kept the female competitive nature going by catching 6 fish from Bramble Bay on buzzers /damsels and had in her words an ‘excellent day’.

Kirby Fly Fishers fished their club competition on Sunday with 13 rods averaging 4.2 with the eventual winner John Foster, photo on our Facebook page

Thinking of booking a match? We offer discounted rates for group boat bookings and competition permit prices call the lodge for more details: 01283 703202.

We are now offering fly only pike fishing. All pike fishing must be PRE- BOOKED you must also have a suitable unhooking mat, the correct size landing net, long Forceps, all fly’s must be attached to a wire trace. All fly’s to be 4 inch or longer in length. All pike to be returned.

Don’t forget to pick up your loyalty card from the lodge, once you have purchased 10 of the same permit, your next visit of that permit option is FREE valid at all three fisheries, Thornton-Foremark-Draycote-Eyebrook

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods: 184     Number Trout Taken: 249     Number Trout Released: 512

Total Catch:   761   Weekly Rod Average: 4.1

For site security reasons and in order to maintain the accuracy of our records could all anglers please ensure that they fill in the catch return sheet before departure.  If not in the lodge it will be found on the shelf in the entrance porch.

 Current Fishing Times:

Bank: 7.30am till 8.30pm                         Boat All Day: 8:30 to 8.30pm

Morning Boats:   8:30 until 2:30pm         Afternoon Boats: 2:30pm until 8.30pm

Last 4 Hour tickets: From 4.30pm until 8.30pm (Tickets on sale from 4.0pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 8:45pm

Notice to all fishing guides & instructors

We continue to welcome independent guides & instructors on all our water.

However to ensure in this world of potential litigation that all parties are covered on advice from our insurance company if your guiding or instructing a client at Draycote, Foremark, Thornton & Eyebrook you will in future be require to produce:

  1. A copy of your Liability Insurance, this you can email to us for it to be on file for 2018
  2. A copy of your Risk Assessment for that days guiding / instruction

If your guiding or instructing and are unable to produce the required documents you will be refused access to the fishery.

To enable us to deal with all our customers quickly & efficiently we suggest you forward copies of your liability insurance for us to place on file and prior to your visit a copy of that days risk assessment emailed to the fishery lodge, this will enable our staff to get you & your client out on the water as quickly as possible.

We would like to thank the guides & instructors who have already forwarded copies of their liability insurance.

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