Foremark fishing report week ending 24th September

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Foremark weekly report week ending 24th September 2017

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The water level has remained constant this week and has seen the water temperature holding at about 14c.


Bank angling remains difficult from an access and casting aspect, but we are still working to get the banks cut. The increased dam wall access together with the pontoons plus Hut Point and Verduns point are still offering the best bank angling and this will only increase as the fish become more occupied on the abundant fry life around the margins. A number of Pike are showing in Flamingo bay and up the Carvers arm in and around Bramble bay and up near the wires area.


The aerators are fully operational and the fish have continued to focus around the boils and surrounding area, towards the dam wall, by 3 buoy and along the dam wall from the lodge and up to the tower, mainly close to the shore where the fry are lying. A number of Browns have been spotted in this area. There is still noticeable fish movement in the cascade, but still mainly in the aerators. The whole week failed to show the improvement experienced the week before but most of that can be put down to the weather as bright sunlight pushed the fish down in the water making dry fly fishing more sporadic, mornings fishing better than later and the rod average for the week was around the 2 mark. With the forecast for the week indicating wet and windy we expect the temperature to drop a little more and that should improve the spread of the fish into the shallower areas and more activity around the bank as the fish start to seriously get at the fry.


The light south westerly winds and sunny conditions on Monday saw a mixed bag of catch returns but Rod & Curtis Grice boated 15 fish between them on a selection of Daddies, Hoppers & Minkies. Tuesday was a day that got brighter as the day went on and the early birds certainly did better. T & J Evans fished dries and boated 12 fish between them, season ticket holder J Fogg had 7, one better with 8 was Scott Wilson who fished a DI 5 and lures and finally Bruce Burton boated 5 fish on a Gold head daddy. As is indicated, the fish went deeper as the day went on. Wednesday was overcast in the morning and DCAC member Bob Pakes got 6 to the boat and he was the top rod of the day as it got brighter as the day went on and fishing became a lot more difficult, however staff member Kevin Hart had a couple of hours out over the boils and boated 4 on lures as the fish went down again. Thursday saw quite a bit of rain and the brave few who ventured out, on the whole were quite successful. John Scragg caught 4 on minkie boobies on the top Scott Wilson was the top rod with 8 with most of the fish coming from the cascade area for a change. Friday, a cloudy day, saw 14 out of the 15 rods fishing catch, again the cascade offered some good sport on sunken daddies and the bank produced a 2lb plus fish for Mr Hobbs. Saturday was Again overcast and the fish continued to spread out with Mr S Ball catching 5 from against the dam wall Dave Bailey caught 10 with a minkie on the top and his boat partner Alan Cooke chipped in with another 5 to the same method. Sunday finished the week off poorly with bright sunshine for most of the day the fishing suffered but the forecast for the coming week is for rain, wind and getting cooler it may be a good time to suffer the changeable conditions and get some good sport, especially as the fry are beginning to look like a tasty snack.


Watch this space as we will hopefully be sorting out a date for the re-arranged Graham Tagg match to be held here – a fun match with no pressure at all– with nothing at stake except a trophy and sufficient street cred to last a whole season.


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Foremark has joined the Troutmasters competition, entry forms to be found next to the booking out sheet you will need a member of staff to countersign your entry, good luck.


We are now offering fly only pike fishing. All pike fishing must be PRE- BOOKED you must also have a suitable unhooking mat, the correct size landing net, long Forceps, all fly’s must be attached to a wire trace. All fly’s to be 4 inch or longer in length. All pike to be returned.


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Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:84, Number Trout Taken: 43,   Number Trout Released: 148

Total Catch:   191

Weekly Rod Average:2.27, Seasonal Rod average: 4.5

Current Fishing Time:

Bank: 07:30am till 7.00pm

Boat All Day: 08:30am to 7.00pm

Morning Boats:   08.30am until 1.30pm ,Afternoon Boats: 1.30pm until 7.00pm

Last 4 Hours from:  3.00pm until 7.00pm (Tickets on sale from 2.40pm)

All anglers to be off site by: 7.15pm

In order to maintain the accuracy of our records could all anglers please ensure that they fill in the catch return sheet before departure.  If not in the lodge it will be found on the windowsill by the entrance door.

Tight lines

The Foremark Reservoir team