Foremark Fishing Report Week Ending 10/07/2016

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Foremark weekly report week ending 10/07/2016

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A real mixed week for results this week the start of the week was a little slow however some anglers still managed to get amongst the fish on sinking lines and long drifts in open water. Tuesday was very similar with muddlers fishing best during the cloudy spells. Wednesday the rod average improved from 1.8 to 4.6 with floating lines fished in conjunction with boobies and tadpoles fished on or just under the surface. By Thursday the rod average was up to 6.1 again floating lines with daddy long legs doing best. Thursdays weather had a big effect as the rod average fell to 0.4, this followed on to Saturday. Suprise Sunday the rod average was making a good recovery reaching 2.6 the fish were back on the feed taking flys from the surface and the top layers.

Pick of the Week

Mr S Wilson, boated 20 plus fish on Thursday in open water near buoy4 on daddies. Season permit holder Mr R Cotterill, landing 12 fish to his boat on a ghost tip line with a black and gold sparkler. Mr P bailey enjoyed a last 4 hour boat on Sunday taking 6 fish to a yellow daddy and hopper.


Our thanks again to Mr Phil Harding for choosing Foremark once again to hold Midlands Inter Police Force Floating Line Only Boat Match which was held on Wednesday with 21 rods catching 126 trout for a match average of 6. Congratulations go to the overall winner Mr T. Smith with 23 fish all caught on a surface fished coal booby. Photographs of the winners can be seen on our face book page:


Recently we have had a few nice pike caught on fly so we are now offering limited fly only pike fishing, one boat a day. All pike fishing must be PRE- BOOKED you must also have a suitable unhooking mat, the correct size landing net, long Forceps, all fly’s must be attached to a wire trace,  All fly’s to be 4 inch or longer in length. All pike to be returned. NO BANK FISHING FOR PIKE.



Don’t forget to pick up your loyalty card from the lodge, once you have purchased 10 of the same permit, your next visit of that permit option is FREE valid at all three fisheries, Thornton-Foremark-Draycote


A Reminder For Bank Anglers

From Monday 11th April 2016 we have negotiated with our landlord STW a trial period to the 31st November 2016 which allows us to bank fish along the first 400yds of the DAM WALL
Certain restriction will be in place for anglers fishing the Dam Wall, they must not disturb any of the stones facing the dam, lifejackets will need to be worn supplied if required at the lodge, access on & off the dam wall will be from one area (the pontoon / lodge end) which will be clearly marked

Weekly Stats:

Number Rods:        111      Number Trout Taken:      67    Number Trout Released:  204

Total Catch:       307           Weekly Rod Average: 2.7

Current Fishing Time:

Bank: 07:30am till 21.45

Boat All Day: 08:30 to 21.45

Boat Part Day: 08:30 to 15.00 – 15.00 to 21.45

Last 4 Hours bank from: 17.45 to 21.45

Last 4 Hours Boat from: 17.45 to 21.45


All anglers to be off site by: 10.00

In order to maintain the accuracy of our records could all anglers please ensure that they fill in the catch return sheet before departure.  If not in the lodge it will be found on the windowsill by the entrance door.

Tight lines

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