Foremark Mid Week Fishing Report

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With the cooler weather things are begin to improve  with fish moving and feeding in the sub surface layers. Mr E Forde and His brother Mr J forde fished yesterday landing 14 fish to the boat using midge tip lines and bibbio’s (with legs)  with small traditional wet fly on the dropper and Drifting in front of the tower

. Apologies for missing the report from the Cheshire police match off the weekly report. Below is a section of feedback I received from Ian wood the match organizer.

 we had an excellent day with only two blanks. Father and son Richard and John Hood both catching 7 fish Richard pulling mini blobs on a Di3 Sweep and John fishing small size 16 dries, the remaining anglers found fish using slow intermediate, or Di3 lines, casting to moving fish, or picking up fish midway through the retrieve, using Cat Booby, Sunburst Fab, Cormorant and Dabblers. Hot spot areas were in front of the jetty and off the dam wall by the tower.
14 anglers attended with 41 fish caught a rod average of 2.9. I think these are good results during a time of  difficult fishing (well done).
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Richard Pearson( fishery manager)