Foremark Fishing Report Week Ending 01/06/2014

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Foremark Fishing Report Week Ending 01.06.2014

Rods: 164, Trout Taken: 200, Trout Returned: 472, Total Number of Trout Caught: 672,                 Rod Average: 4

A mixed week of weather again last week which lead to a number of different tactics being successful on different days and different areas during the week. Some rods found that during the early parts of the day that sinking or intermediate lines worked well then switching to floating lines with emergers and dry’s kept the fish coming. Other anglers found that DI5 and DI7 lines with boobies worked well all day. The boats are just starting to do slightly better than the banks, with the fish starting to move out from the shore line and feed in the surface layers. However in the calm and bright conditions deeper fished lures are working well. Best areas are still down by the wires, bramble bay and Verdons point for the banks. The boats have been finding the fish from the cascade down to the wires on both sides of the arm. C.D.C emergers and small hoppers along with shipmans buzzers have done well. Lures to try are blobs (orange) black tadpoles and boobies.

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Bank Fishing from 7.30am to 9.45pm                                                                                                            Last 4 hour 1 fish permit: 5.15 to 9.15 (only £10.00/ £9.50 o.a.p)

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For more up to date information call the lodge on: 01283 703202 or visit our web site

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