1st March Opening Day

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Foremark opens its doors for the 2014 season on 1st March 2014

With a pre-season stocking of 4,500 trout were sure to enjoy a cracking start to the season, with the bank anglers usually enjoying the best of the sport from Verdon point, along flamingo bay down to the wires.

All the trout stocked into our 3 waters are all the same, often the fish delivery lorry visits all three fisheries on the same day, we are often asked why if that’s the case do I have smaller fish kill limits at Thornton & Foremark compared to Draycote.

Therefore for 2014 we will be charging the same day permit  rates& offering the same fish limits on all our waters, at Foremark you will have an increased fish kill limit for 2014, the 3 Fish limit has increased to a 4 FISH and the 6 fish limit has increased to an 8 FISH

Also due to demand we have also introduced a reduced part day boat rate for one angler, for 2014 you can book a part day boat for 1 angler £12.50

For 2014 we have also become a Greys Stockist

We have three membership permits available at Foremark with prices starting from £375.00 call 01283 703202 or email lodge@flyfishforemark.co.uk for details

To book a boat call the lodge.