Foremark mid week 10/05/2013 report

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Fishing has still remained very good this week seeing 91 rods fishing and catching 478 trout for a rod average of 5.3 despite the very strong wind on Thursday. Another 10LBs 8oz rainbow was caught on Wednesday by Mr P Thompson to a damsel from the cascade.

The fishing from the banks still remains in form this week with some rods doing very well. Mr S.Wilson even managed 10 fish from Verdons point on Thursday morning. The fish are continuing to take buzzers and diawl batch with more confidence.  Floating lines and midge tip lines are doing well.  The water level is still down giving good space on the banks. In some areas, and the clarity is still good. The boats continue to fish better than the banks with numerous catches in the teen’s still occurring. Lots of fish showing along carvers arm, cascade and heron bay. Damsels and cats whisker have fared very well also in Sun blest and Bramble bay. Flamingo bay has also fished well on intermediate lines with damsels, black and green tadpoles. Floating and midge tip lines with buzzers and diawl batch have also been productive for the boats.

The aerators have been switch on over the week end although have been a little intermittent during the week, so this should start to produce some very good catches soon.

Don’t forget our last four hour permit at only £10.00 for a one fish kill then catch and release.(This is now proving very popular on the warmer days)

Forth coming events

LEXUS EUROPEAN FLYFISHING CHAPIONSHIP Foremark heat will be held on Tuesday 2nd July so you can call in at the lodge for your entry form or visit or telephone 0797 474 8496 to request an entry form.

The lodge opens 7.30 am so give us a call on 01283 703202 for more up to date information or visit our web site

Bank fishing from 7.30am/ Last 4Hr permit 4.30pm till 8.30pm

Boats from 8.30am till 8.30pm

Morning boats 8.30am till 2.30pm / afternoon Boats 2.30pm till 8.30pm

Last 4hr Boats 4.15pm till 8.30pm