Fishing report 10/03/2013

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Foremark report week ending 10/03/2013


Rods: 143 Trout Taken: 219 Trout Returned: 626 Total Trout Caught: 845 Weeks Rod Average: 5.9


The first full weeks fishing of the season continued in the same vain as the first few days with fish showing well to both bank and boat anglers alike. The trout have been taking well all along the banks with Flamingo bay seeing most of the pressure due mainly to the Easterly winds. Bramble bay and the wires have however continued to produce a good number of trout for those anglers how have been able to throw a line out against the wind. In the main sinking and intermediate lines have been the method of  the week, some rods earlier in the week were having some good sport on floating lines and buzzers during the warmer parts of the day.


Boat fishing has been good with some anglers catching large numbers of fish in the opening to Flamingo bay and along the Ticknall bank and the cascade areas. These fish have fell to similar methods as the bank.


A good number of fish between 3lb to 4lb have graced anglers’ nets with a nice 5lb rainbow falling to Mr S. Savage from the bank in Flamingo Bay. A special mention should go to Derby county angler rosemary Gunn for her determination on fishing through the severe cold and snow on Sunday on the banks of Bramble bay and netting 7 trout to 3lb 8oz when most of the other anglers had headed home for a warm by the fire. (Well done)


Best fly’s of the week: damsels, Tadpoles, cat’s whisker, boobies and blobs,

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